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May 2007 OAA.[print questions]

Which seed has structures that allow animals to transport the seed on their fur?
a) corn seed
b) cocklebur
c) maple seed
d) acorn

What part of Earth experiences night at the same time?
a) less than 1/4
b) about 1/2
c) about 3/4
d) almost all

About how much of the Earth's surface is covered by ocean's?
a) less than 20%
b) about 50%
c) about 70%
d) more than 90%

In a forest, how do decomposers help other organisms survive?
a) They release oxygen into the air that animals breathe
b) They put nutrients into the soil that plants use to grow
c) They provide shelter in forests where animals can hide
d) They use sunlight to make food for plants and animals

Which type of energy produces a light bulb to light when using a battery and wire filament?
a) sound
b) gravity
c) thermal
d) magnetic

Nighttime stars appear much smaller than the sun, why?
a) the stars are much smaller
b) the sky is much darker at night
c) the stars are much farther away
d) the moon blocks out most starlight

When you pull a chair on wheels, what makes the chair move?
a) the force of gravity on the chair
b) the force of pull on the chair
c) friction between the person's hand and the chair
d) friction between the wheels and the floor

Which weather observation is likely just before the snow?
a) clear sky
b) thick grey clouds
c) small white clouds
d) warm temperature

What causes day and night on Earth?
a) tilting of Earth's axis
b) rotation of Earth on its axis
c) movement of Earth around the sun
d) movement of the sun around Earth

Which human activity is a negative impact on the environment?
a) restoring an old copper mine to its natural state
b) removing pollution from a river
c) reducing air pollution at a factory
d) dumping used motor oil on the ground

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