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The fox\'s fur was as red as fire. (figurative language)
a) a fox
b) fire
c) a fox\'s fur
d) a color

a) knock on wood
b) Toni\'s dad
c) make this bike look new again
d) bike look like new again

The visitor TAPPED on the front door of the house. (synonym)
a) leaned
b) rested
c) pounded
d) knocked

Which sentence means the same thing as THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM?
a) Do you best every day
b) Treat other the way you want them to treat you.
c) Don\'t wait until the last minute
d) Winning isn\'t everything

Your new bike is out of this world! (idiom)
a) new bike
b) out of this world
c) your new bike
d) is out

Pick the sentence that uses figurative language.
a) The dog barked loudly.
b) The dog\'s bard was loud.
c) The dog growled and snarled like a monster.
d) The dog wouldn\'t stop barking.

Which pair of words are antonyms?
a) quiet, shy
b) loud, shy
c) loud, noisy
d) quiet, noisy

We had a whale of a time at the new amusement part. (idiom)
a) had a whale of a time
b) time at the new amusement park
c) whale of a time
d) new amusement park

Mark the sentence that contains a simile.
a) The burglar was as sneaky as a fox
b) The alarm sounded as we opened the door.
c) I don\'t like eating spicy food.
d) The parking lot baked in the bright sun.

Which word comes from the Latin word LITTERAE, meaning \
a) stamp
b) letter
c) envelope
d) pencil

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