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Which of the following do eggs \
a) add color
b) all of the above
c) add structure
d) add flavor

The process that produces carbon dioxide gas in breads is
a) evaporation
b) leavening process
c) kneading
d) fermentation

Flour treated to blend easily with liquids is called
a) blendable flour
b) treated flour
c) minute flour
d) instant flour

The process needed to develop gluten in breads.
a) blending
b) kneading
c) folding
d) cutting

Forms the structure in bread
a) flour
b) yeast
c) sugar
d) shortening

Grain used commonly in food products.
a) barley
b) all of the above
c) wheat
d) oats

Grain used commonly in food products.
a) corn
b) all of the above
c) rye
d) rice

Flour most suitable for muffins
a) All-purpose
b) instant
c) cake
d) bread

Which of the following is not found in corn bread?
a) baking powder
b) yeast
c) salt
d) baking salt

Yeast acts upon _?_ to produce the gas to make it rise.
a) salt
b) sugar
c) soda
d) shortening

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