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The ______ on the hare was brown and white. (pick the homophone)
a) fur
b) hair
c) patch
d) head

The race was OVER. (definition)
a) The race took a long time.
b) The race was finished.
c) The race was called off.
d) No one watched the race.

Raul said,
a) The race will be close
b) close
c) win by a nose
d) I think Mira will win

It was a cloudy day. (antonym)
a) gray
b) wet
c) sunny
d) windy

The Latin word TERRA means
a) tremendous
b) territory
c) terrific
d) terrible

We can stay at home if you are feeling too under the weather to go out. (idiom)
a) you are feeling
b) to go out
c) stay at home
d) under the weather

The knife was too ____ to cut the bread. (multiple-meaning word)
a) dull
b) mean
c) light
d) plain

Which sentence contains a similie?
a) The elephant was a sleeping giant on a bed of hay.
b) The excited child jumped like a grasshopper.
c) The crowd clapped as the team marched onto the field.
d) Some people like to sing.

Rob thought his mother had planned the suprise, but he was barking up the wrong tree. His brother had planned it all by himself. (idiom)
a) wrong tree
b) Rob thought
c) planned the suprise
d) barking up the wrong tree

The sleepy kitten closed its eyes (verb)
a) sleepy
b) kitten
c) closed
d) eyes

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