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What is the distance between two crests?
a) wavelength
b) trough
c) crest
d) frequency

What do you call the height of a wave?
a) crest
b) wavelength
c) amplitude
d) frequency

What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength?
a) the more frequent the wave, the longer the wavelength
b) the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency
c) the longer the wavelength, the higher the frequency
d) the taller the wave, the higher the frequency

What unit is used to measure frequency?
a) miles per hour
b) centimeters
c) hertz
d) knots

What makes igneous rock?
a) layers of sediment
b) lava or magma
c) dirt
d) meteors

What does ignis mean?
a) fire
b) lava
c) rock
d) light

What is needed to create metamorphic rock?
a) weight and pressure
b) cooling of lava
c) cooling of magma
d) heat and pressure

Which sedimentary rock would most likely have shells?
a) clastic
b) organic
c) chemical

Oxidation is a form of ____________ weathering
a) mechanical
b) chemical

Caverns have unusual rock formations because of
a) oxidation/chemical weathering
b) acid rain/ chemical weathering
c) acidic ground water/ chemical weathering
d) abrasion/ mechanical weathering

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