EOC Review Quiz 3 Question Preview (ID: 9129)

World Geography EOC Review Over Europe Unit.[print questions]

Which pull factor has led many immigrants to European nations in recent decades?
a) to gain economic opportunities
b) to escape civil war
c) to leave oppressive governments
d) to avoid natural disasters

federalism : United States of America :__________: __________?
a) European Union : economic policy
b) socialism : communism
c) supranationalism : European Union
d) economic treaties : common good

Areas of Europe affected by a Mediterranean climate most likely experience?
a) warm, dry summers.
b) short growing seasons.
c) cold, snowy winters.
d) heavy rains.

Where are the least developed countries located in Europe?
a) north
b) south
c) east
d) west

Which of the following has provided a demand for highspeed rail technology?
a) tourism to Europe from other parts of the world
b) the European Union creating connections across political lines for work and trade
c) a need for day travel so that business can be addressed without overnight stays
d) all these are correct

Which of the following most influences the marine west coast climate of Europe?
a) prevailing westerly winds off the Atlantic ocean
b) the Alps
c) prevailing southerly winds off the Mediterranean Sea
d) deforestation

The Iberian peninsula is located in what countries in Europe?
a) Italy and Switzerland
b) Spain and Portugal
c) Turkey and Greece
d) none of these choices.

Where would France likely fall under what type of economy?
a) Free Enterprise
b) Communist
c) Socialist
d) Mixed Economy

The primary sector of an economy does what ?
a) uses industrial technology to create homes, buildings.
b) directly uses natural resources such as agriculture and fishing.
c) directly uses export and imports to aid in the countries economy
d) none of these.

The secondary sector of an economy does what?
a) works on finished goods such as automobile production etc.
b) works on creating technology
c) works on improving uses of natural resources
d) none of these

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