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Which of the following is a likely characteristic of a rural community?
a) industrialization
b) agrarian agricultural traditions
c) use of high tech equipment
d) transportation center

How have advances in agricultural technology been beneficial?
a) increased use of fossil fuels
b) elimination of animal habitats
c) decreased need of government aid
d) more efficient production of crops

Which of the following has been a benefit of globalization?
a) pandemics
b) increased standard of living
c) loss of local culture
d) widespread environmental impacts

Which of the following explains how an increase in elevation affects climate?
a) air pressure and temperature decrease
b) wind speed and temperature increase
c) air pressure and wind speeds decrease
d) precipitation and temperature increases

Which of the following is the best example of how air conditioning technology has allowed humans to adapt to the environment?
a) It has increased the use of electricity in both urban and rural areas.
b) It has allowed people to work later at night and increase productivity.
c) It has helped to decrease disease in humid areas of the South.
d) It has allowed the growth of urban centers in areas of extreme heat.

Which of the following has the greatest impact on the direction of prevailing winds?
a) thunderstorm flows
b) light reflected off clouds
c) longitude
d) Coriolis effect

How have the United States and Canada modified the environment to provide inexpensive electricity and recreation in many rural areas?
a) created vast irrigation systems
b) built small solar energy power plants
c) constructed dams and reservoirs
d) engaged in strip mining for coal

Which of the following is NOT a cause for the growth of urbanization in a region?
a) The region has more pull factors than other regions.
b) Cultural changes were brought by people moving to the area.
c) Economic growth in the region increased with growing urbanization.
d) Increased infrastructure developed in the region.

Which of the following is most likely the reason for the early exploration and settlement of the western United States?
a) access to water and food
b) access to natural resources
c) easily available transportation
d) rapid urbanization

Which of the following would be considered a push factor in human migration?
a) lower land costs
b) more favorable climate
c) improved educational system
d) lack of career opportunities

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