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Which sentence needs a comma?
a) After we eat dinner, we should go to the movies.
b) She wanted to play football, and she made the team.
c) The following announcement is sponsored by the booster club.
d) Mrs. Ware is the nicest, sweetest most wonderful person I know.

How should "the students notebook" in the sentence below be corrected? The students notebook fell off her desk and onto the floor.
a) The students's notebook
b) The students' notebook
c) The student's notebook
d) The students notebook's

Which word in the sentence is the pronoun? Will you sing the new song for the visitors?
a) will
b) you
c) song
d) visitors

Which sentence contains a possessive pronoun?
a) She threw the ball.
b) Throw the ball to her.
c) She is a great ballplayer.
d) Her ball was green and blue.

Which sentence has the correct punctuation?
a) The milk was spilled; all over the place.
b) I have three pies; one of them is blackberry.
c) After the party was over; the host had to clean his house.
d) They had three dogs including one husky; one terrier, and one collie.

Which part of speech is the word "shamelessly" in the following sentence? Marcia was shamelessly laughing in the library.
a) verb
b) noun
c) adverb
d) adjective

Which is a run-on sentence?
a) When did you find out about the game?
b) Nick went to the store he needed new sneakers.
c) The sun went down behind the hills, and the stars began to shine.
d) We knew that there was a time limit, but we did not know when it would expire.

Which word would best complete the following sentence? Fredrico __________ in his quest to get on the football team.
a) succeed
b) successful
c) succeeded
d) succeeding

Which is a sentence fragment?
a) Swimming can be a very tiring exercise.
b) Pick up your marbles and get out of here!
c) Bill ran, although he usually walks across Elm Street.
d) Because Juanita could not complete her homework on time.

Which sentence has the correct punctuation?
a) "Who wants the last piece of pizza, asked Rob.
b) "Stop messing with my computer." Bill shouted.
c) Mom asked "Where are your hat, gloves, and boots?"
d) "Go and get your sister," Dad exclaimed, "so that we can go!"

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