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Strong acids ionize * and weak bases ionize *.
a) completely, completely
b) partially, partially
c) completely, partially
d) partially, completely

What is the acid in the reaction? HNO3 + NaOH = NaNO3 + H2O
a) HNO3
b) NaOH
c) NaNO3
d) H2O

A pH greater than 7 means the solution is * and greater than 7 means it is *.
a) acidic, basic
b) basic, acidic
c) neutral, acidic
d) neutral, basic

Hard water * Ca+2 and Mg+2 ions.
a) contains
b) does not contain

The density of solid water is * that of liquid water.
a) greater than
b) equal to
c) less than

Water solutions of * substances will conduct electricity, while water solutions of * substances will not.
a) covalent, ionic
b) ionic, covalent

When salt is added to water, the boiling point will
a) remain the same
b) increase
c) decrease

Acids increase the * concentration and bases increase the * concentration.
a) hydronium, hydroxide
b) hydroxide, hydronium

Suppose 90 g of KCl can be dissolved in 100 g of H2O. If 85 g KCl have been dissolved, the solution is
a) saturated
b) unsaturated
c) supersaturated

In an aqueous solution, water is the
a) solute
b) solvent

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