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In a sugar water solution what is the solute?
a) sugar
b) water

Bases turn litmus
a) red
b) blue

Oil and water are * because water is * and oil is *.
a) miscible, polar, polar
b) miscible, nonpolar, nonpolar
c) immiscible, polar, nonpolar
d) immiscible, nonpolar, polar

Adding soap to water * hydrogen bonding.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) does not effect

As temperature increases, solids become * soluble and gases become * soluble in liquids.
a) more, more
b) more, less
c) less, more
d) less, less

Gas solubility * with increasing pressure and * with increasing temperature.
a) decreases, decreases
b) decreases, increases
c) increases, decreases
d) increases, increases

Acids turn litmus from
a) red to blue
b) blue to red
c) no color change

Soap is
a) acidic
b) basic
c) neutral

An acid is a proton
a) acceptor
b) donor

A base is a proton
a) acceptor
b) donor

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