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Cats belong to the _______________________ family.
a) canine
b) human
c) feline
d) animal

Sound can be measure in _________________________.
a) temperature
b) degrees
c) hertz
d) pounds

A _______________________ is an animal that eats meat.
a) meat eater
b) vegeterian
c) carnivore
d) canine

A ______________________ attacks ___________________.
a) prey - predator
b) predator - carnivore
c) prey - feline
d) predator - prey

______________ can hear better than humans.
a) frogs and cats
b) toads and dogs
c) cats and toads
d) dogs and cats

________________ are in the feline family.
a) dogs and wolves
b) toads and frogs
c) cats and dogs
d) lions and cats

____________________ are in the canine family.
a) dogs and cats
b) wolves and cheetahs
c) coyotes and dogs
d) dogs and lions

There are more varities of _____________ than ____________________.
a) cats than dogs
b) dogs than cats
c) cats than humans
d) humans than dogs

___________________ sleep an average of 18 hours a day.
a) humans
b) dogs
c) cats
d) zebras

According to the text, the best pet would be _________________________.
a) dogs
b) cats
c) a tie between dogs and cats
d) neither a dog or a cat

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