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When designing an image for video in photoshop is is best to work in what color setting?
a) RGB
b) PSD
c) Alpha

What tool will will divide a clip into two pieces?
a) Ripple
b) Pen
c) Razor
d) Selection

Blue and green screen is used for what type of effect?
a) Chroma Key
b) Transitions
c) Color correction
d) Motion Tracking

Lighting with lots of shadows and a darker look is referred to as....
a) High Key Lighiting
b) Three Point Lighitng
c) Dark Comedy
d) Low Key Lighting

The default audio cross fade in Premiere Pro is...
a) Constant Gain
b) Db Gain
c) Cross Down
d) Constant Power

What panel can you search your tapeless media from?
a) Project
b) Timeline
c) Source
d) Media Browser

When do you use an Alpha Channel?
a) To add a custom background
b) To crop a video frame
c) To animate an image
d) To color correct an image for broadcast

You can add keyframes to the yellow rubberband by using the...
a) Hand Tool
b) Track Tool
c) Pen Tool
d) Razor Tool

Time remapping controls are located in the...
a) Project Panel
b) Tools Panel
c) Effect Controls Panel
d) Timeline Panel

H.264 is a...
a) on Ted Talks
b) ...only used with quicktime
c) ...wrapper
d) ...codec used for video files

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