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Light is completely blocked by a pair of polarizing lenses when their axes are
a) aligned
b) crossed at 45o
c) crossed at 90o

Transmitted light is polarized in a direction * the polarization axis of the filter.
a) different than
b) the same as

The primary colors of light are
a) red, yellow, blue
b) red, yellow, green
c) red, blue, green
d) yellow, blue, green

When all the colors of light mix together, * is produced.
a) black light
b) ultraviolet light
c) infrared light
d) white light

Light waves are
a) transverse.
b) longitudinal.
c) rotational.

The angle at which a ray bounces off a surface is
a) the normal.
b) the angle of refraction.
c) the angle of incidence.
d) the angle of reflection.

The angle at which a ray of light strikes a surface is
a) the angle of incidence.
b) the angle of reflection.
c) the angle of refraction.
d) the normal.

Which color refracts the most in a prism?
a) red
b) green
c) violet

A particle of light is called a
a) frequency
b) photon
c) quantum
d) wavelength

A discrete amount of energy is called a
a) frequency
b) photon
c) quantum
d) wavelength

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