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What is one way that Uncle Bob is like other men in his family?
a) He is tall.
b) He has a dog.
c) He is very quiet.
d) He is an apple grower.

What is one thing that Uncle Bob and Mac have in common?
a) They both like to take naps.
b) They both like to go for walks.
c) They both liked to work in the apple orchard.
d) They both like to listen to Auntie June's stories.

How is Auntie June like her sisters?
a) They all like to talk.
b) They all like to bake.
c) They all like to stay busy.
d) They all like washing dishes.

How was the sea different in the past, compared to its state at the time of the passage?
a) The sea was less angry.
b) The sea was more patient.
c) The sea covered more of the land.
d) The sea was not chained by the moon.

Based on the passage, how is time different for the sea than it is for men?
a) Time is bad for the sea but not for humans.
b) Time repeats for the sea but not for humans.
c) Time stands still for the sea but not for humans.
d) Time moves more slowly for the sea than it does for men.

What would be a good title for this story?
a) Aren’t Baby Parrots Cute?
b) BoPeep Gets a New Brother
c) All About Eclectus Parrots
d) None of the other answer choices

Which of the following tells one way that a female Eclectus looks different from a male Eclectus parrot?
a) Female Eclectus parrots are very noisy
b) Male Eclectus parrots have orange beaks
c) Eclectus parrots have big, black eyes
d) None of the other answer choices

Compared to the female Eclectus baby, the male Eclectus baby parrot was very
a) calm
b) cute
c) cunning
d) all of the other answer choices

Which of the following sentences helps you figure out that BoPeep is another parrot?
a) BoPeep was about 2 years old.
b) BoPeep will like him.
c) They took home BoPeep’s new brother.
d) all of the other answer choices

How can you tell whether an Eclectus parrot is male or female?
a) a male Eclectus is green.
b) a female Eclectus has an orange beak
c) a male Eclectus is red
d) none of the other answer choices

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