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Test Your Knowledge On The Layers Of The Sun![print questions]

The center of the sun is called the
a) Corona
b) Core
c) Chromosphere
d) Convection Zone

Sunspots are found on which layer?
a) Corona
b) Chromosphere
c) Photosphere
d) Sun spots are not on the sun

Conduction is a heat transformation where the heat is transfered through
a) Solids
b) conducting an orchestra
c) gas
d) liquids

The core is
a) 15 million degrees
b) 15 degrees
c) 5,000 degrees
d) 50,000 degrees

Starting in the middle of the sun, the layers are in the following order
a) corona, chromosphere, photosphere, convection zone, radiation zone, core
b) core, radiation zone, convection zone, photosphere, chromosphere, corona
c) photosphere, chromosphere, corona, core, radiation zone, convection zone
d) core, radiation zone, photosphere, convection zone, chromosphere, corona

Space weather has what effect on earth?
a) Space weather has an effect on Earth weather
b) It makes Miss Schwiebert a little crazy :)
c) It has no effect on Earth
d) It disrupts communication systems

Chromo means
a) crown
b) 3D circle
c) light
d) color

Photo means
a) crown
b) 3D circle
c) light
d) color

Corona means
a) crown
b) 3D circle
c) light
d) color

Sphere means
a) Crown
b) 3D circle
c) light
d) color

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