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Biotic And Abiotic.[print questions]

Which of the following is an example of a population?
a) white tale deer in North Texas
b) trees in East Texas
c) snakes in Africa
d) frogs in Texas

Which group is an example of abiotic factors?
a) frogs, bacteria
b) birds and insects
c) clouds, rivers
d) trees, algae

Which group is in the correct order?
a) organism, population, community, ecosystem
b) organism, ecosystem, population, community
c) population, community, organism, ecosystem
d) ecosystem, organism, population, community

Which of these is not a producer?
a) oak tree
b) squirrel
c) corn
d) blueberry

Which organism is heterotrophic?
a) pecan tree
b) acorn
c) rabbit
d) fern

Which organism is an autotroph?
a) human
b) frog
c) rabbit
d) peach tree

At what level of organization are rivers classified?
a) organism
b) ecosystem
c) community
d) population

Which group best represents a community?
a) eagle, frog, deer, gopher, river, air, rocks
b) Diamondback rattlesnakes
c) eagles, frog, deer, gopher, mule deer
d) elk, grasses, birds, people, sunlight

What factor is an abiotic limiting factor for the cottontail rabbit?
a) grasses
b) climate
c) rattlesnakes
d) coyotes

Which factor is a biotic limiting factor for fish in Eagle-Mountain Lake?
a) introduction of a new species predatory fish
b) increase of oxygen
c) decrease of rain
d) increased water temperature

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