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Which statement best describes a result of the Glorious Revolution in England (1688)?
a) England formed an alliance with France.
b) England lost its colonial possessions
c) Principles of limited government were strengthened.
d) The power of the monarchy was increased.

The theory justifying a monarch’s rule by God’s authority is called
a) Laissez faire
b) Divine right
c) Predestination
d) Totalitarianism

The Magna Carta can be described as a
a) Journal about English feudal society
b) Statement of grievances of the middle class in England
c) Census of all tax-paying nobility in feudal England
d) List of feudal rights that limited the power of the English monarchy

The Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and the English Bill of Rights were created to
a) Limit the power of English monarchs
b) Abolish the role of Parliament
c) Organize England’s colonial empire
d) Establish laws protecting the rights of Protestants

The Glorious Revolution in England resulted in the
a) Strengthening of divine right rule
b) End of civil liberties guaranteed by the Petition of Right
c) Weakening of Parliament ‘s power of the purse
d) Formation of a limited monarchy

The primary goal of most of Europe’s absolute monarchs was to
a) Support political freedom for the new middle classes
b) Maintain peaceful relations with neighboring nations
c) Centralize their political control over their nations
d) Prevent contact with areas beyond Europe’s borders

Many European monarchs of the 1600s maintained that they should have absolute power to rule because they
a) Needed to defend their nations against threats from the Western Hemisphere
b) Thought that all people should have the right to a good ruler
c) Had been given their power to govern from God
d) Thought that communism was the superior political system

Which quotation was most likely made by an absolute monarch?
a) “The government that governs best, governs least.”
b) “I am the state”
c) “The government must be based on a sound constitution”
d) “It is the parliament that must make the laws.”

One similarity in the rule of Peter the Great, Suleiman I, and Louis XIV is that each leader
a) Shared power with a legislature
b) Practiced religious toleration
c) Expanded his territory
d) Decreased the amount of taxes collected

The theory justifying a monarch’s rule by God’s authority is called
a) Laissez faire
b) Totalitarianism
c) Predestination
d) Divine right

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