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A major reason that the Spanish were able to conquer the peoples in the Americas was the
a) Military technology of the Spanish conquerors
b) Inability of the native peoples to adapt to Spanish culture
c) Enforced slavery of the native peoples by the Spanish
d) Unified resistance of native peoples to Spanish demands

A major reason for the end of the Aztec Empire was
a) The refusal of the people to obey their leaders
b) A conflict with the Inca Empire
c) The technology of the Spanish conquistadors
d) Political corruption and an unstable government

Which social class controlled most of the political, economic, and social power in colonial Latin America?
a) Mestizos
b) Creoles
c) Native people
d) Peninsulares

One similarity between the Mongols of Central Asia and the Incas of South America was that both societies
a) Developed cash-crop farming
b) Based their wealth on the slave trade
c) Adapted to difficult physical environments
d) Practiced monotheistic religions

Inca terrace farming and Aztec floating gardens are examples of
a) The ability of civilizations to adapt to their region’s physical geography
b) Slash- and-burn farming techniques
c) Mesoamerican art forms symbolizing the importance of agriculture
d) Colonial economic policies that harmed Latin American civilizations

The purpose of colonies is to ship raw materials to the colonial power and buy finished goods from the colonial power.This statement reflects the basic idea of which economic syste
a) Socialism
b) Communism
c) Mercantilism
d) Capitalism

In the 1600s, the interest of Europeans in Africa was based mainly on Europe’s need to
a) Market its surplus agricultural products
b) Obtain workers for its colonies in the Americas
c) Establish collective security arrangements
d) Settle its surplus population on new lands

Which geographic feature made it difficult to unify South America?
a) Andes Mountains
b) Straits of Magellan
c) Gulf of Mexico
d) Argentinean pampas

The global transfer of food, plants, and animals during the colonization of the Americas is known as the
a) Scientific Revolution
b) Columbian Exchange
c) New Imperialism
d) Middle Passage

The purpose of the encomienda system in Latin America was to
a) Control overpopulation in urban centers
b) Converted native peoples to Protestantism
c) Obtain labor and taxes from the native peoples in the Spanish colonies
d) Introduce political ideas into the colonies gradually

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