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The breakdown of a material by a physical means is ____.
a) mechanical weathering
b) chemical weathering
c) erosion
d) material breakdown

Ice wedging occurs when....
a) water seeps into cracks, freezes, then expands.
b) blocks of ice fall between rocks.
c) one piece of ice cracks into two or more pieces.
d) ice melts and runs off.

Which is NOT an example of abrasion?
a) sugar dissolving in water
b) chalk writing on a chalkboard
c) beach sand blowing into a rock on the shore
d) river currents forcing rocks to grind together

A breakdown of a material by a chemical means is ____.
a) chemical weathering
b) mechanical weathering
c) oxidation
d) liquidation

Which of the following is NEVER a catalyst of chemical weathering?
a) plants
b) air
c) water
d) animals

Air pollution can increase the acidity of rain and snow. When this rain or snow falls, it is called ___.
a) acid precipitation
b) polluted rain
c) ozone
d) mechanical weathering

What is one thing humans can do to decrease air pollution?
a) ride a bike or car pool
b) burn more fossil fuels
c) always ride alone to work or school
d) disposing of chemicalsdirectly into the ground

A chemical reaction in which a substance combines with oxygen to create an oxide, such as rust, is called ____.
a) oxidation
b) ozone
c) hydrolysis
d) weathering

Where do small rocks on the ground come from?
a) larger rocks
b) smaller rocks
c) the sky
d) sand particles joined together

Roots of plants may cause...
a) mechanical weathering.
b) physical weathering.
c) ice wedging.
d) oxidation.

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