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Which of the following battles was Zackary Taylor not involved in?
a) Battle of Resaca de la Palma
b) Battle of Palo Alto
c) Battle of Mexico City
d) Battle of Monteray

This earns the state of Texas $10 million dollars?
a) Compromise of 1850
b) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
c) Treaties of Velasco
d) Turtle Bayou Resolution

Which of the following does not belong to the Mexican American War?
a) Manifest Destiny
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
d) Texas Independence

Which of the following are described as Mexico's northern territories?
a) California and New Mexico
b) New Mexico and Texas
c) California and Texas
d) Mexico and California

Which General is responsible for the siege on the port of Veracruz?
a) General Taylor
b) General Scott
c) General Santa Anna
d) General Arista

Who is the Texas Revolution veteran that was forced to take up arms for Mexico?
a) Sam Houston
b) Mirabau Lamar
c) Juan Seguin
d) Albert Johnston

Mexico was offered what amount of money for their northern territories after the Mexican American War?
a) $15 million
b) $10 million
c) $30 million
d) $3.25 million

Who was payed $10 million from the United States for their New Mexico territory?
a) America
b) Mexico
c) Texas
d) Spaniards

According to Mexico the following was the boundary between Texas and Mexico?
a) Rio Grande River
b) Red River
c) Nueces River
d) Guadalupe River

What was President Polk drafting prior to the boundary conflict on the Rio Grande?
a) Turtle Bayou Resolution
b) Declaration of War
c) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
d) Compromise of 1850

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