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The Territory Expansion Of The United States Across Mexico's Northern Territories.[print questions]

Which of the following best describes the President who declared war on Mexico?
a) James Polk
b) Republic President Sam Houston
c) United States President James K Polk
d) Henry Clay

Who had the nick name "Old Rough and Ready"
a) General Zachary Taylor
b) General Santa Anna
c) General Winifield Scott
d) General Manuel Pena

Which of the following does not belong to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
a) 529,000 square miles given to United States
b) United States pays $3.25 million in war reparation
c) Mexico acknowledges Texas annexation
d) Ten million dollar sale of New Mexico territory to United States

What is the Compromise of 1850?
a) Final document ending the Mexican American War
b) Developed to settle the New Mexico Texas boundary issue
c) Ends the Texas Annexation debate
d) Solves the boundary dispute between Mexico and the United States

The official start date of the Mexican American War is?
a) May 14th, 1847
b) February 2, 1848
c) May 13, 1846
d) April 1st, 1847

This was said to be the boundary between Texas and Mexico according to the U.S.?
a) Rio Grande River
b) Nueces River
c) Guadalupe River
d) Red River

During the Mexican American War Texas belonged to what country?
a) Mexico
b) To itself the Republic of Texas
c) United States
d) Canada

Which battle leads to the end of the Mexican American War?
a) Battle of Resaca de la Palma
b) Battle of Veracruz
c) Battle of Mexico City
d) Battle of Palo Alto

Which document ends the Mexican American War?
a) Treaties of Velasco
b) Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Peace Treaty of Hidalgo

What term describes the official joining of one political region to another?
a) adoption
b) manifest destiny
c) compromise
d) annexation

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