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Which is evidence that elements can combine to form a new compound?
a) melting a solid
b) pouring two liquids together to create a solid
c) moving a piece of metal with a magnet
d) freezing a liquid

Which property of metals allows them to be used to make coins with the same thickness?
a) electrical conductivity
b) specific heat
c) malleability
d) density

Which best describes why metals are used for making pots and pans that are used for cooking?
a) metals have low specific heats and high melting points
b) metals have high specific heats and high melting points
c) metals have low specific heats and low melting points
d) metals have high specific heats and low melting points

Which best describes the physical change of an aluminum soda can after it is crushed?
a) change in the mass
b) change in the specific heat
c) change in the volume
d) change in the weight

A chemical reaction produces two new substances, and each product has a mass of 25 grams. What was the total mass of the reactants??
a) 25 grams
b) 100 grams
c) 75 grams
d) 50 grams

Which factor best explains why some people will react differently than others to the same dose of an antibiotic?
a) high potency
b) individual susceptibility
c) individual exposure
d) low concentration

Which pure substance is composed of more than one element?
a) nickel
b) gold
c) water
d) neon

Which is the best way to determine if an object is made of pure silver?
a) determine the solubility of the object
b) test to see if the object is chemically reactive
c) determine the density of the object and compare to known density of pure silver
d) compare the mass of the silver object to the mass of a piece of pure silver

Which element is a poor conductor of heat?
a) F
b) K
c) Fe
d) Ag

A beaker with 100 mL of water is placed on a hot plate and heated. The water boils at 100. At what temperature would 90 mL of water boil?
a) 10
b) 90
c) 100
d) 110

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