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Which of the following describes the tendency of a water molecule to stick to other water molecules?
a) cohesion
b) density
c) adhesion
d) buoyancy

What do the different charges on a water molecule indicate?
a) water is polar
b) water is nonpolar
c) water is an ionic compound
d) water is an ion

What are two sources of fresh water used by cities for drinking water?
a) glaciers and lakes
b) rivers and ocean water
c) wetlands and polar ice
d) groundwater in aquifers and lakes

What does it mean when a scientist says a lake has high turbidity?
a) The water has a lot of particles in it.
b) The water can support many organisms.
c) The water is very basic.
d) The water is very clear.

Which of the following is a possible effect of high nitrate levels in a body of water?
a) fish die
b) healthier fish
c) less algae
d) increased water temperature

Which of the following is an example of non-point source pollution?
a) wastewater from a leaking pipe
b) chemical runoff from lawns
c) oil from a leaking underground tank
d) chemicals released from a paper mill

Which example would contain the highest level of nitrates?
a) runoff from roads
b) runoff from golf courses
c) trash dumped in oceans
d) silt from a construction site

Why can high water temperatures reduce water quality for fish and other organisms?
a) High temperatures can lower pH
b) High temperatures can lower dissolved oxygen level
c) High temperatures can decrease turbidity
d) High temperatures can decrease nutrient levels

Which force allows water to stick to the windows of your bus?
a) density
b) gravity
c) cohesion
d) adhesion

Water has a ________ specific heat.
a) low
b) positive
c) high
d) negative

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