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Where is most freshwater on Earth?
a) polar ice caps
b) rivers
c) lakes
d) groundwater

Which describes the hydrosphere?
a) Most of it contains salt
b) It is made only of freshwater
c) All of it is located above ground
d) It is formed by climate change

Which condition in the ocean is most responsible for an increase in the fish population near the surface?
a) buoyancy
b) density
c) salinity
d) upwelling

Which pair of organisms represents a connection between aquatic and terrestrial food webs?
a) whales and plankton
b) seagulls and oysters
c) spiders and mosquitoes
d) humans and coral

Which tool is used to determine precipitation amounts?
a) balance scale
b) hygrometer
c) rain gauge
d) thermometer

What percentage of water on Earth is saltwater?
a) 70
b) 50
c) 97
d) 3

What percentage of water on Earth is fresh water?
a) 70
b) 50
c) 97
d) 3

If a sewer pipe is leaking from an apartment building into a river, what kind of pollution is it?
a) point-source
b) runoff
c) non-point-source
d) fertilizer

Nitrate pollution can come from animal wastes and
a) babies
b) fertilizers
c) dissolved calcium
d) low alkalinity

Which form of water has the highest density?
a) ice
b) liquid water
c) water vapor
d) they are all the same

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