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Nick is wearing a professional suit, tie, and shoes to make a good first impression for his job interview. He wants to wear a new fragrance he just purchased. What should Nick do?
a) Avoid wearing any fragrance at all
b) Lightly spray his shirt with cologne
c) Use a scented deodorant, with aftershave
d) Wear scented body lotion

Adam arrived 15 minutes earlier for his interview. After introducing himself to the receptionist, what should Adam do?
a) Conduct small talk with the receptionist
b) Double check his notebook to confirm he has everything
c) Practice answers to potential questions in his mind
d) Read the classifieds in the newspaper

Beth is uncertain how to answer the question about why she feels she should be accepted for a culinary apprenticeship. How should she respond?
a) Begin talking and continue until an answer comes to her
b) Look at the interviewer's hands to conceal her uncertainty
c) Look in her career notebook for answers she has written down
d) Take a few seconds to form an answer before speaking

Patty and her interviewer greeted one another pleasantly and the interviewer motioned her to sit down. How should she respond?
a) Adjust clothes and hold skirt down while sitting
b) Sit back in a completely relaxed manner with legs crossed
c) Sit forward with pen and notepad ready to take notes and papers stacked loosely in lap
d) Sit straight with ankles crossed and pen and paper easy to access if needed

Don has just finished an interview with the personnel department at a local office. What should he do?
a) Fill out an application for the position
b) Prepare a resume and send it by messenger
c) Write a cover letter
d) Write a thank you letter

Dan wants to follow up after a very good interview and share his positive feelings about the work opportunity. What should he do?
a) Read the bulletin board for other jobs
b) Update his resume
c) Write a cover letter
d) Write a thank you letter

Mark wants to thank his interviewer and make the best impression possible after his interview. What should he do?
a) Send a thank you note with a friend in the company
b) Send a thank you note on a social networking site
c) Send a formal thank you letter within 24 hours
d) Send an email thank you within the week of the interview

Rose finds a question on an application form that asks her reason for leaving her prior job. She left because she was fired. What should Rose do?
a) Leave it blank
b) WRITE the company was sold
c) WRITE involuntary separation
d) WRITE do not wish to respond

Jane arrived fifteen minutes early for her interview at the hospital and entered the waiting room. What should Jane do?
a) Call friends on her cell phone
b) Introduce herself to the receptionist
c) Listen to her ipod
d) Touch up her manicure

Erin has an interview for a position at an investment firm. What should Erin wear?
a) Conservative shoes and jewelry
b) Designer sandals and no hosiery
c) Heavy makeup and a trendy hair style
d) Large jewelry and bright fingernail polish

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