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__________ was a Portuguese explorer sent to find a new sea route to India.
a) Bernal Colon
b) Bartholomeu Dias
c) Marco Polo
d) Christopher Columbus

The Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias lost sight of land for _____ days.
a) 100
b) 50
c) 13
d) 25

When Dias rediscovered the coast of Africa he found that ______________________.
a) The coast ran from East to West
b) The Natives spoke a different language than other African tribes.
c) The weather was much cooler.
d) He had sailed in a circle for 13 days.

After losing sight of land for several days Dias found the ____________.
a) Indian channel
b) Ivory Coast
c) Oriental pass
d) Southern Tip of Africa.

“Cabom Tormentoso” is Portuguese for _____________.
a) Angry woman
b) Cape of Storms
c) Coast of Gold
d) Torturous Island

“Cape of Good Hope” was named _________ by it’s discoverer.
a) Cape of Savages
b) Coast of Gold
c) Cape of Storms
d) Rocky Coast

The name “Cape of Good Hope” represented _____________.
a) The sailors hope to return home safely
b) The king’s hope that a direct water route to India had been found.
c) The native’s hope that the Portuguese would treat them fairly.
d) Portugal’s hope of finding gold.

“The Cape of Good Hope” is ______________________.
a) The northern coast of Africa
b) The eastern coast of Africa
c) The western coast of Africa
d) The southern tip of Africa

After the “Cape of Good Hope” was discovered. The king selected ____________ to sail around it to India.
a) Bartholomeu Dias
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Francisco Magellan
d) Vasco de Gama

Vasco de Gama sailed for ______ weeks without seeing land.
a) 2
b) 25
c) 14
d) 5

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