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Which is an example of the monster without?
a) the Horta
b) nuclear weapons
c) the spaceship
d) Kirk's alter ego

What is Jung's coincidentia oppositorum?
a) the joining of opposites
b) the idea that opposites attract
c) the concept of the need for forgiveness
d) a Latin term for a coincidental happening

Which is an example of the monster within?
a) Kirk's alter ego
b) the Horta
c) Jabba the Hut
d) the transporter

What is a monster?
a) It depends on your perspective and definition
b) A creature that looks disgusting to humans
c) Anything that is different from us and opposes us
d) Anything evil

Rose says that self-alienation is sometimes expressed in science fiction stories about what?
a) Humans being transformed into something more than or less than human
b) Humans being conquered by aliens
c) Humans killing themselves
d) Humans leaving Earth

Rose says that all science fiction is about redefining what?
a) The boundary between the human and the non-human
b) The quantum nature of the universe
c) The laws of physics
d) The definition of good and evil

test 1
a) test 1a
b) test 1b
c) test 1c
d) test 1d

test 2
a) test 2a
b) test 2b
c) test 2c
d) test 2d

test 3
a) test 3a
b) test 3b
c) test 3c
d) test 3d

test 4
a) test 4a
b) test 4b
c) test 4c
d) test 4d

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