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Which of the following is the correct way to write the scientific name of the domestic cat?
a) Felis catus
b) Felis Catus
c) felis catus
d) felis Catus

The most specific taxon category is ____________.
a) Domain
b) Kingdom
c) Species
d) Genus

The broadest or most general taxon group is _____________.
a) Domain
b) Kingdom
c) Species
d) Genus

To which domain does the polar bear belong?
a) Plantae
b) Chordata
c) Eukarya
d) Animalia

To which domain does a bacteria growing in a thermal vent belong?
a) Archae
b) Bacteria
c) Chordata
d) Eukarya

Which kingdom does not belong in the Domain Eukarya?
a) Bacteria
b) Protista
c) Plantae
d) Fungi

Chitin is found in the cell walls of ___________.
a) Fungi
b) Plants
c) mushrooms
d) eubacteria

Which prokaryotes have peptidoglycan in their cell walls?
a) Fungi
b) Eubacteria
c) Archebacteria
d) Protists

Which organism belongs in the Domain Eukarya and the Kingdom Protista?
a) Lichen
b) deer tick
c) paramecium
d) E. coli

Membrane bound organelles are not found in the cells of ______
a) bacteria
b) fungi
c) plants
d) protists

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