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_______ is the sharing of expenses by the policyholder and the insurance company.
a) coinsurance
b) coin insurance
c) group health insurance
d) preferred provider organization

Which of the following would be considered personal property?
a) A house on which you have paid off the mortgage.
b) A house on which you have not paid off the mortgage.
c) A set of dining room furniture.
d) A built-on garage that was not originally part of the house.

An inventory of personal property should include all of the following except
a) the purchase price of the item
b) a photograph of the item
c) the original receipt for the purchase of the item
d) a statement about how important the item is to your life

Regular medical insurance covers
a) nonsurgical care in a hospital
b) surgical care outside a hospital
c) nonsurgical care outside a hospital
d) surgical care in a hospital

With all forms of insurance, the MAIN factor that affects the cost of premiums is
a) the value of the thing insured.
b) the condition of the thing insured.
c) the location of the thing insured.
d) the amount that the insurance company thinks it will have to pay in claims.

Bodily injury liability auto insurance covers
a) injuries to passengers in the insured's car, any other vehicles involved, and pedestrians.
b) injuries to the insured.
c) any body work that needs to be done to repair the insured's car.
d) all of these.

If someone has 100/300 bodily injury liability coverage, the insurance company will pay
a) 1/3 of the costs of any injuries in any single accident.
b) $100 of the first $300 in injuries in any single accident.
c) up to $100 for one person's injuries and up to $300 for all injuries in any single accident.
d) up to $100,000 for one person's injuries and up to $300,000 for all injuries in any single accident.

Insurance that protects a car owner against financial loss resulting from a wreck or rollover is called
a) rollover insurance
b) collision insurance
c) comprehensive insurance
d) all-risk insurance

Assuming the same amount of coverage and deductibles, which of the following drivers is likely to pay the LEAST for auto insurance?
a) Gus, 17 years old, has 2.5 GPA, been involved in 8 accidents, drives 2006 Cadillac STS
b) Julia, 25 years old, single, credit score of 530, been involved in 1 accident, drives 2010 Mini Cooper
c) Kermit, 45 years old, married, credit score of 801, never been in an accident, drives 1975 Ford F-150
d) Daisy, 17 years old, has 3.9 GPA, been involved in 2 accidents, drives 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia.

With an assigned risk plan,
a) even the worst drivers can get car insurance.
b) bad drivers are paired with good drivers to improve their skills.
c) good drivers are required to put at least one bad driver on their insurance policy.
d) insurance premiums are determined by the amount of risk assigned to a driver by other drivers.

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