SCI 155 Chap 4a Question Preview (ID: 9052)

This Game Reviews Topics Covered In Chapter 4 Of Your Text--Heat.[print questions]

Elements are usually made of * and compounds are made of *.
a) molecules, atoms
b) atoms, molecules

The attractive force between like molecules is * and between unlike molecules is *.
a) cohesion, adhesion
b) adhesion, cohesion

The state of matter with a definite volume but an indefinite shape is
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) plasma

The freezing point of water on the Kelvin scale is
a) 0
b) 32
c) 273
d) absolute zero

Energy flows from * temperature to * temperature.
a) lower, higher
b) higher, lower
c) Energy does not flow in a specific manner.

When a red-hot piece of iron is put into a bucket of cool water
a) the decrease in the iron temperature equals the increase in the water temperature
b) the quantity of heat lost by the iron equals the quantity of heat gained by the water
c) the final temperature of the iron and water is halfway between the initial temperatures of each

If 100 calories of energy is added to both water and aluminum, how will the final temperatures compare?
a) The water and aluminum temperatures will be equal.
b) The water temperature will be greater than Aluminum's temperature.
c) Aluminum's temperature will be greater than water's temperature.

The phase change from solid to liquid is called
a) freezing
b) boiling
c) condensing
d) melting

If 3 L at 20oC water is added to 3 L of 40oC water, the final temperature of the mixture will be
a) 20oC
b) 30oC
c) 40oC
d) 60oC

Does temperature affect the rate of diffusion?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe

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