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Which division of Tennessee has the largest deposits of COAL?
a) Mississippi River Valley
b) Middle Tennessee
c) Western Tennessee
d) East Tennesse

Which runs through Tennessee twice?
a) Mississippi
b) Tennessee
c) Cumberland
d) Duck

The Tennessee River is...
a) one of the three major river systems in Tennessee
b) one of the two major river systems in Tennessee
c) the most important river system in Tennessee
d) a minor river system in Tennessee

Mississippi, Tennessee, Cumberland. The three names above are...
a) Names of three important states in the US
b) Names of three major plateaus in Tennessee
c) names of the three largest rivers in the US
d) Names of the three majors rivers in Tennessee

What is the main river in West Tennessee?
a) Tennessee river
b) Cumberland River
c) Mississippi River
d) Duck river

The Golf Coastal Plains is...
a) a major river system of Tennessee
b) a physical region of Tennessee
c) a minor system of Tennessee
d) A political region of Tennessee

Tobacco, cotton, soybeans. What is true about the crops named above?
a) They are crops that used to bo important to Tennessee, but not anymore
b) They are three of the most important crops in Tennessee
c) they are three crops that have ever grown in Tennessee
d) Two of the crops are important to Tennessee.

What do the three stars on the Tennessee flags stand for?
a) The three biggest cities of TN
b) The three physical regions of TN
c) The three grand divisions of Tn
d) the three major rivers of TN

What is true about Tennessee?
a) It has three physical regions
b) It has sic cultural regions
c) It has three poilitcal regions
d) It has six physical regions

Which of the following regions is located inside the Highland Rim?
a) Unaka mts.
b) Gulf Coastal Plains
c) Central
d) Cumberland Plataue

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