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This number is known as _____ number.
a) Avacado’s
b) Suess’s
c) Eldorado’s
d) Avogadro’s

What is the saying used to remember Avogadro’s number ?
a) October 23 at 6:22 am
b) 6:22 am on October 25
c) October 23 at 6:02 pm
d) 6:22 pm on October 20

The Greek word for element is _____.
a) stoicheion
b) elementra
c) acropolis
d) episteme

What law is used in Stoichiometry?
a) Law of Motion
b) Law of Conservation of Mass
c) Law of Conservation of Matter
d) Law of Conservation of Moles

Avogadro’s law states that ideal gases should have the same______.
a) volume
b) temperature and pressure
c) molecules
d) All

What is the total number of atoms represented in the formula CuSO4 * 5H2O
a) 8
b) 13
c) 21
d) 27

The coefficients in a chemical equation represent the
a) masses, in grams, of all reactants and products.
b) relative numbers of moles of reactants and products.
c) number of atoms in each compound in a reaction.
d) number of valence electrons involved in the reaction.

What does the law of conservation of mass state?
a) There is nothing to state the conservation of the mass state.v
b) The mass of an object can only be converted
c) The mass of an object can only be transformed.
d) The mass of an object cannot be created nor destroyed.

Which is the correct formula for nitrogen (1) oxide?
a) NO
b) N2O
c) NO2
d) N2O3

If a bottle has 66 grams of Ibuprofen, what is the total mass of Carbon
a) 49.96
b) 46.99
c) 49.69
d) 47.96

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