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Which of these is a compound?
a) He
b) Cu
c) Ag
d) CO

Which is an example of an exothermic reaction?
a) Bread baking in an oven
b) Hard boiling an egg
c) Skin blistering when it burns
d) A match burning

Recorded observations are called-
a) repeated trials
b) data
c) controls
d) conclusions

The Kelvin temperature scale is based on the point where all molecular motion stops. This is-
a) Absolute Kelvin
b) 273 Kelvin
c) Absolute zero
d) 0 degrees Celsius

If a student was going to measure the diameter of a frog egg, which SI unit would be MOST appropriate?
a) Celsius
b) Kilogram
c) Meter
d) Millimeter

According to the definition of work, which of these BEST shows that work is being done?
a) A book laying on a shelf
b) A man trying to lift a boulder with a mass of 10,000 lbs.
c) A man pushing a wheelbarrow full of dirt
d) A rock on the edge of a cliff

An orderly, systematic approach to problem solving is called-
a) an experiment
b) scientific method
c) a conclusion
d) brainstorming

When an acid and base chemically combine the products are-
a) a stronger acid
b) salt and water
c) a stronger base
d) water and sugar

A battery is placed inside a flashlight and then the flashlight is turned on. Which of the following has the energy transformation occurring in the correct order?
a) electrical - mechanical - radiant
b) thermal - chemical - electrical - radiant
c) mechanical - chemical - thermal
d) chemical - electrical - radiant

The method of heat transfer occurring in the boiling water INSIDE the pot is-
a) fission
b) convection
c) conduction
d) radiation

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