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Which of these is MOST responsible for chemical reactions?
a) Electrons in the nucleus of the atoms
b) Electrons in the highest occupied energy level of the atoms
c) Electrons in the closest to the nucleus of the atoms
d) Electrons traveling the fastest toward the center of the atoms

Which model does the BEST job of illustrating the three dimensional structure of the atom?
a) Rutherford's model
b) Bohr's model
c) Thompson's model
d) Electron cloud model

Burning wood is considered a chemical change because the ash and released gases left over have-
a) An identical melting point
b) The same chemical composition as wood
c) Properties that differ from wood
d) The same physical properties as wood

An atom's identity is determined by-
a) the number of protons
b) the number of energy levels
c) the number of electrons
d) the number of neutrons

A solid that has a regular repeating pattern in the arrangement of its particles is known as-
a) a crystal
b) an amorphous solid
c) a repeating element
d) an alloy

A measure of the gravitational force acting on a mass is called-
a) momentum
b) mass
c) weight
d) velocity

Where would an object's mass be the GREATEST?
a) On Earth
b) On the moon
c) On Jupiter (the largest planet)
d) Its mass would be the same at each location

The Law of Conservation of Matter states-
a) matter can be created or destroyed
b) matter can neither be created nor destroyed
c) matter can only be created
d) matter can only be destroyed

To make data more reliable an experimenter should-
a) eliminate constants
b) increase the number of repeated trials
c) add variables
d) add a variable to the control

Which of the following contains more energy?
a) Steam
b) Liquid water
c) Ice
d) Water that is almost at its boiling point

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