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Solar Preparation Questions For Earth Science.[print questions]

The most abundant element in the Earth's crust is-
a) Hydrogen
b) Nitrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Iron

Which of the following energy sources is non-renewable and causes pollution but is relatively cheap and easy to use?
a) Solar energy
b) Wind energy
c) Hydroelectric energy
d) Fossil fuel energy

What are plates doing at a strike/slip boundary?
a) Grinding past each other
b) Moving away from each other
c) Moving toward each other
d) Remaining still

What seismic data does a scientist need to determine the distance to the earthquake epicenter?
a) Depth of the earthquake
b) Length of the earthquake
c) P & S wave arrival times
d) Data from 2 seismograph stations

What is the method commonly used to make non-renewable resources last longer?
a) Deforestation
b) Cleaning up oil spills
c) Recycling
d) Strip mining

Which of the processes is necessary for the formation of igneous rocks?
a) Erosion
b) Cooling and solidification of magma
c) Metamorphism
d) Weathering

Which of the following would be the BEST evidence that supports plate tectonics and continental drift?
a) Massive flooding in China
b) The Serengeti desert
c) Jigsaw fit of the continents
d) The Grand Canyon

In which type of rock would fossils and ripple marks MOST likely be found?
a) Foliated metamorphic rock
b) Intrusive igneous rock
c) Nonfoliated metamorphic rock
d) Sedimentary rock

The presence of metamorphic rocks in many parts of Virginia is an indication that the area has been subjected to-
a) intense heat and pressure
b) volcanic activity
c) deep ocean venting
d) massive solar bombardment

On a topographic map, when contour lines cross streams they always-
a) Bend up hill
b) Bend down hill
c) Are colored blue
d) Point north

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