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Which of the sedimentary rocks that are listed can form organically and chemically?
a) Coal
b) Sandstone
c) Limestone
d) Dolomite

The use of certain aerosols and refrigerants have caused a DECREASE in which of these gasses (this gas protects us from harmful UV radiation)?
a) Nitrogen
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Water vapor
d) Ozone

In which of the following locations would the use of solar energy be MOST efficient?
a) Virginia
b) New York
c) Florida
d) North Pole

A student wanted to conduct an experiment to see if water could absorb radiation faster than soil. What would be the independent variable?
a) The amount of radiation given to the soil and water
b) The water and the soil
c) The temperature of the soil and water
d) The amount of time it took to heat up the soil and water

Of what are igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks usually composed?
a) Interlocking crystals
b) Fossils
c) Minerals
d) Sediments

The Coriolis effect-
a) causes salinity currents
b) causes the phenomena of El Nino
c) is caused by the Earth's rotation
d) is caused by gravity

Most extrusive igneous rocks have no visible crystals because they-
a) Cool rapidly from lava
b) Have low melting points
c) Contain water
d) Are made of only one mineral

Which of these nonrenewable resources is mined from the Appalachian Plateau province of Virginia?
a) Uranium
b) Wood
c) Limestone
d) Coal

The oceanic crust is thought to be made up of which igneous rock?
a) Basalt
b) Granite
c) Limestone
d) Pumice

Wind generally moves from regions of -
a) low pressure towards regions of high pressure
b) low humidity towards regions of high humidity
c) high pressure towards regions of low pressure
d) high humdity towards regions of low humidity

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