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Atoms have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT
a) atoms can be broken down
b) atoms of the same element are alike
c) atoms can be chemically combined
d) atoms of different elements are different

Which is not an example of kinetic energy?
a) An apple falling from a tree.
b) A waterfall
c) A rock rolling down the hill.
d) A book sitting on top of a desk.

The air is made of all of the following EXCEPT
a) oxygen
b) ammonia
c) carbon dioxide
d) nitrogen

The source of MOST of the Earth\'s energy resources is
a) the oceans
b) the Earth\'s crust
c) the Sun
d) the atmosphere

An ecosystem is made of biotic factors. Which of the following is not a biotic factor?
a) Sunlight
b) Rabbits
c) Grass
d) Trees

Which statement about renewable energy is true?
a) Renewable resources can be replenished.
b) Renewable resources can not be replenished.
c) Trees are not a renewable resource.
d) Coal is a renewable resource.

Sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean is called
a) delta
b) basin
c) tributary
d) food plain

Hydroelectric power is beneficial to the United States because
a) dams can be built anywhere
b) it blocks up rivers and hinders wildlife.
c) it is expensive
d) it is clean and safe

John measured a feather on a triple beam balance. Which measurement could be John\'s measurement?
a) 1.5 mm
b) 1.5 kg
c) 1.5 cm
d) 1.5 g

What device is used to measure air pressure?
a) weather vane
b) rain gauge
c) thermometer
d) barometer

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