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The big bang theory states that the Universe was created
a) with a massive explosion
b) at a singularity which began to inflate very quickly
c) at the same time as the solar system
d) from a lot of matter that already existed

cosmology is the study of
a) the history and formation of the universe
b) objects in the universe
c) our solar system
d) cosmonauts

A light year is
a) the distance that light travels in a year
b) a unit for the measurement of time
c) used to measure small distances
d) used to measure large intervals of time

the distance from Earth to the sun is closest to
a) 150 million kilometres
b) 150 light years
c) 150 kilometres
d) 150 light hours

a spiral group of stars is approximately 100 000 light years in diameter. It is probably a
a) galaxy
b) solar system
c) nebula
d) supernova

The sun is
a) a middle sized orange star, about half way through its life.
b) a large red star about half way through its life
c) a small star at the very beginning of its life
d) a middle sized star at the very beginning of its life

Many objects in space produce different types of electromagnetic radiation. There are two that can get through the atmosphere- they are
a) radio and ultra violet radiation
b) radio and light radiation
c) light and x ray radiation
d) x rays and infra red radiation

The telescope in Parkes in western NSW that was used to receive picture and sound signals in the moon landings is an example of a
a) radio telescope
b) light telescope
c) x ray telescope
d) satellite

The Chandra x ray telescope is
a) located on a satellite because x rays can't get all the way through the atmosphere
b) on the ground as it is cheaper to operate there
c) on a satellite so it can be moved around easily
d) able to be located anywhere as x rays reach all parts of the Earth

Since the big bang, the Universe has been
a) expanding and cooling
b) expanding and heating up
c) contracting and cooling
d) contracting and heating up

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