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These, thin, rootlike structures of fungi secrete digestive enzymes and then absorb nutrients from what they grow in/on/
a) lamellae
b) hyphae
c) pileus
d) stape

Which is not one of the 3 categories of fungi?
a) sac fungi
b) club fungi
c) spore fungi
d) thread-like

Which is not an example of fungi?
a) mold
b) yeast
c) mushrooms
d) slime molds

Which is not a characteristic of Fungi?
a) All are Eukaryotes
b) All are multicellular and reproduce by spores
c) All absorb their nutrients from what they grow in/on
d) All are heterotrophs

Yeast cells reproduce asexually through:
a) conjugation
b) binary fission
c) endospore formation
d) budding

What is it called when you have an algae and a fungus growing together in a symbiotic relationship?
a) moss
b) mold
c) lichen
d) algae

Where are spores formed?
a) pileus (cap)
b) annules (ring)
c) lamellae (gills)
d) hyphae (mycelial threads)

Fungi interact with the environment by being:
a) harmful
b) decomposers
c) parasites
d) food source

Mushrooms, Morels, Truffles, Molds reproduce sexually by:
a) spore formation
b) budding
c) conjugation
d) binary fission

What is a chemical produced by some fungi that can kill bacteria?
a) yeast
b) parasite
c) digestive enzymes
d) antibiotic

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