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Professionals who study and make predictions about human populations are called
a) stenographers
b) demographers
c) geologists
d) populists

Currently, the fastest growing populations are in?
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) North America
d) Australia

Which of the following makes it difficult to reduce population growth
a) High Literacy rates
b) People living in cities want larger families
c) Low literacy rates and limited access to healthcare
d) High farming rates

Which of the following is not a strategy that could slow population growth?
a) public advertising
b) legal punishments
c) economic incentives
d) limiting education for women

What type of growth is the human population experiencing today?
a) exponential growth
b) zero growth
c) slight decreases in growth
d) slight increases in growth

Which of the following is not an indicator of population
a) survivorship
b) fertility rates
c) mortality rates
d) all are indicators

The strongest positive influence on low infant mortality rates is
a) high income
b) access to advanced medical care
c) educated women
d) access to inexpensive childcare programs

Suburban sprawl, overcrowded schools, polluted rivers, and inadequate housing are symptoms of
a) stable population size
b) overwhelming population growth
c) declining population size
d) slow population growth

Access to adequate food, clean water, and safe sewage disposal have resulted in a decline in
a) life expectancy
b) the birth rate
c) the death rate
d) infant health

Life expectancy in subSaharan Africa has declined due to the epidemic of
a) tuberculosis
c) influenza
d) bubonic plague

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