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Why are decomposers important in an ecosystem?
a) They directly provide energy for all living organisms.
b) They decompose dead material so it can be used by other organisms.
c) They transform sunlight energy into sugars and starches that other organisms eat.
d) They eat only live organisms to complete the food chain.

Which of the choices below describes the role of these four things: rabbit, tiger, earthworm, grass
a) consumer, consumer, decomposer, producer
b) decomposer, consumer, consumer, producer
c) producer, consumer, consumer, decomposer
d) consumer, decomposer, producer, consumer

Why are there usually more producers in an ecosystem than consumers?
a) Producers have to adapt more than consumers to survive.
b) Consumers have to adapt more than producers to survive.
c) There is less energy available to the consumers.
d) There is more energy available to the consumers.

Which of these organisms is a producer? (grass - grasshopper - mouse - snake - bacteria)
a) bacteria
b) grass
c) grasshopper
d) snake

In a certain habitat, a coyote's main source of food is the cottontail rabbit. What would happen if the number of coyotes in this habitat were increased?
a) The number of rabbits would increase.
b) The number of rabbits would decrease.
c) Rabbits would no longer exist in this habitat.
d) The number of rabbits would not change.

When living things adapt, they change so that they can better survive in their environment. How often do physical adaptations happen?
a) very quickly, taking about a year
b) somewhat slowly, occurring within a creature's life
c) very slowly, taking generations to show up
d) somewhat quickly, taking a few years

Human activities often reduce the number of animal species in an area. Which human activity might increase the number of rabbits in an area?
a) building houses and roads that destroy the rabbits' habitat
b) growing crops that rabbits do not eat
c) using toxic chemicals on plants that rabbits eat
d) killing predators that hunt and kill rabbits

What part of the plant makes seeds to reproduce?
a) stem
b) root
c) leaf
d) flower

To observe a beetle's legs what tool would you use?
a) binoculars
b) telescope
c) magnifying glass
d) microscope

When a straw in a water glass looks broken, what is this called?
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) absorption
d) scattered light

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