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What medical assistance program is designed for low-income people?
a) Medicaid
b) SSI
d) Medicare

Dementia is
a) Loss of mental abilities
b) Temporary illness
c) Loss of speech
d) Holistic care

What is the health insurance program for people over 65 years-old or those younger who are disabled and unable to work
a) Medicare
b) Long term care
c) Medicaid

What is the line of authority in a facility?
a) Chain of Command
b) Command of Order
c) Chain of Order
d) Order of Command

Who is the most important part of the care team?
a) Resident/patient
b) Physician
c) Nurse
d) CNA

Which is NOT a guideline for professional behavior?
a) Talking about residents to all other CNAs you work with
b) Being neatly dressed
c) Maintaining a positive attitude
d) Keeping all resident information confidential

What tasks are a common part of a CNA's job?
a) Bathing residents
b) Inserting and removing tubes
c) Changing sterile dressings
d) Giving medications

What care is designed for people who have approximately six months to live?
a) Hospice
b) Rehabilitation
c) Acute care
d) Outpatient care

What are the other terms for long term care?
a) Skilled nursing facilities
b) Assisted living
c) Home health care
d) Adult daycare

What is a course of action to be taken every time a certain situation occurs?
a) Policy
b) Procedure
c) Standard
d) Delegation

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