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el lema means...
a) slogan
b) campaign
c) lemming
d) design

el envase means...
a) can
b) surroudings
c) container
d) envelope

solicitar means...
a) to dance
b) to loiter
c) to ask for, request
d) to raise money

la revista means...
a) newspaper
b) magazine
c) review
d) revise

a) to support
b) to help
c) to approve
d) to raise money

reciclar means...
a) to throw trash away
b) to keep safe
c) to ride a bicycle
d) to recycle

la gente sin hogar means...
a) grumpy people
b) homeless people
c) old people
d) honest people

los guantes de trabajo means...
a) workers
b) to volunteer
c) work gloves
d) hard work

el cheque means..
a) to check off
b) to make sure
c) a check
d) a checklist

recaudar fondos means...
a) to change the background on your computer
b) to raise funds
c) to cauterize a wound
d) to swim in a fountain

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