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el peri├│dico means...
a) newspaper
b) blog
c) magazine
d) period of time

los ancianos means...
a) the ants
b) the elderly
c) the article
d) the sunrise

trabajar de voluntario means...
a) a volunteer worker
b) volunteering
c) to volunteer
d) free will

la prensa
a) the press
b) the print
c) the iron
d) the present

la bolsa de plástico means...
a) cheap purse
b) pencil case
c) poncho
d) plastic bag

las noticias means...
a) the announcements
b) the notifications
c) the news
d) the notes

tirar basura means...
a) to throw a frisbee
b) to recycle
c) to keep a room clean
d) to throw away trash

la publicidad means...
a) public
b) fame
c) publicity
d) restroom

el letrero
a) the letter
b) the leader
c) the sign
d) the pamphlet

el comedor de beneficiencia
a) soup kitchen
b) dining room
c) restaurant
d) hotel

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