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In Latin America during the early period of Spanish colonialism, the deaths of large numbers of the native people led to
a) the importation of slaves from Africa
b) a decline in Spanish immigration to the Americas
c) the removal of most Spanish troops from the Americas
d) improved health care in the colonies

Both Japan and China decided to limit trade with Europe during much of the 16th and 17th centuries because the Japanese and the Chinese
a) believed they would receive no benefit from increased contact with the Europeans
b) had few products to sell to the Europeans
c) held religious beliefs that prohibited contact with foreigners
d) thought European technology would hinder any effort to modernize

One reason the Spanish conquistadors were able to conquer the Aztec and Inca Empires rapid is that
a) the Spanish had better weapons than the Aztecs and Incas did
b) these empires had no standing armies
c) the Spanish greatly outnumbered the Aztecs and Incas
d) the Aztecs and Incas joined together to fight the Spanish

Which conclusion can be drawn from a study of the early civilizations of Axum, Kush, Mali and Songhai?
a) these societies had a long and rich history before their first contact with Europeans
b) these African societies flourished at the same time
c) farming was more extensive in the Nile River Valley than it was in the Fertile Crescent
d) the Neolithic Revolution occurred in Africa

Which was a characteristic of the policy of mercantilism followed by Spanish colonial rulers in Latin America?
a) the colonies were required to provide raw materials to Spain and to purchase Spanish manufactured go
b) the colonies were forced to develop local industries to support themselves
c) Spain sought trade agreements between its colonies and the English colonies in North America
d) Spain encouraged the colonies to develop new political systems to meet colonial needs

Which statement best describes a result of the scarcity of native Indian labor in Latin America during the colonial period?
a) large numbers of African slaves were imported
b) unskilled laborers were imported from Asia
c) many people from Spain and Portugal immigrated to the region
d) Native American Indians from the British colonies went south to work

The influence of African culture on some areas of Latin America was largely a result of the
a) Atlantic slave trade
b) American Revolution
c) building of the Panama Canal
d) success of Communist Revolutions

In many Latin American nations, a major effect of colonial rule has been the
a) concentration of power in a small group of landowners
b) minor political role of the military
c) equal distribution of wealth among social classes
d) economic control held by the Indian population

According to the theory of mercantilism, colonies should be
a) acquired as markets and sources of raw materials
b) considered an economic burden for the colonial power
c) grated independence as soon as possible
d) encouraged to develop their own industries

The Crusades indirectly contributed to the discovery of the New World by
a) stimulating European demand for goods from the East
b) increasing the power of the feudal lords
c) forcing the Turks to flee from Constantinople
d) forcing the religious conversion of the Muslim population

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