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In Latin America, the Maya and the Aztec civilizations were similar in that they
a) developed complex mathematical and calendar systems
b) showed little evidence of urbanization
c) lacked a strong central government
d) used military weapons superior to those of Europeans

A study of Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas would show that these ancient American civilizations
a) rivaled the accomplishments of early Middle Eastern cultures
b) produced few cultural achievements
c) lived at peace with their neighbors
d) welcomed the new technology brought by European explorers

A study of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations of Latin America would show that these civilizations
a) developed advanced and complex societies before the arrival of the Europeans
b) established extensive trade with Pacific Rim nations
c) were strongly influenced by their contact with Asian and African civilizations
d) were relatively large, but not well organized

Which was a result of the Commercial Revolution
a) expansion of European influence overseas
b) decline in population growth in Europe
c) shift of power from Western Europe to Eastern Europe
d) spread of feudalism throughout Western Europe

Which was an immediate result of the European Age of Exploration?
a) European influence spread to the Western hemisphere
b) Islamic culture spread across Africa and Asia
c) independence movements developed in Asia and Africa
d) military dictatorships were established throughout Europe

A major result of the Age of Exploration was
a) the end of regional isolation and the beginning of a period of European global domination
b) a long period of peace and prosperity for the nations of Western Europe
c) extensive migration of people from the Western Hemisphere to Europe and Asia
d) the fall of European national monarchies and the end of the power of the Catholic Church

The Commercial Revolution in Western Europe led directly to the
a) expansion of world trade
b) development of a socialist economy
c) establishment of the Guild System
d) weakening of the power of the middle class

Which system developed as a result of the Commercial Revolution
a) market economy
b) manorialism
c) communism
d) bartering

Which of these events during the Age of Exploration was a cause of the other three?
a) advances in learning and technology made long ocean voyages possible
b) Europeans brought food, animals, and ideas from one continent to another
c) European diseases had an adverse effect on the native populations of new territories
d) warfare increased as European nations competed for land and power

The Native American population of Mexico in 1492 has been estimated at 25 million; the population in 1608 has been estimated at 1.7 million. This decrease in population was mainly
a) diseases introduced by the Spanish
b) crop failures brought on by poor weather conditions
c) emigration of Native Americans to Europe and Africa
d) wars between various native groups

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