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a) To be loud
b) To be shy
c) To be quiet
d) To be mad

a) Fire
b) Matches
c) Water
d) Fire starting material

a) To feel sick to the stomach
b) To feel good
c) To feel full
d) To feel hungry

a) To walk quickly
b) To walk and run
c) To walk leisurely
d) To skip

a) To feel angry
b) To feel like hurting someone.
c) A feeling of resentment
d) A feeling of loss or hopelessness

a) To make a secret known.
b) To make an announcement
c) Announced publicly and officiallly
d) To take back from

a) Skinny
b) Tall and thin
c) Short and fat
d) Tall and fat

a) A gloomy outlook
b) A sunny outlook
c) A worried outlook
d) An angry outlook

a) To feel trusting
b) To feel gloomy
c) To feel angry and bewildered
d) To feel distrust and bitterness.

a) Deception or fraud
b) Elaboration
c) Real and trustworthy
d) Concrete

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