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What percent of the Earth\'s water is FRESH water?
a) 3%
b) 1%
c) 71%
d) 97%

The Earth\'s HYDROsphere is best described by the following:
a) A relatively thin layer of water covering most of Earth\'s crust.
b) a hot liquid rock layer located in Earth\'s outer core.
c) A relatively thin layer of gases covering most of the Earth\'s atmosphere.
d) A relatively thin layer of rock found above Earth\'s mantle.

Only about 50% of the solar energy directed toward Earth penetrates directly to the surface. What happens to the rest of the radiation?
a) It is absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere
b) It loses energy overcoming the Sun\'s gravity
c) It is reflected off the moon and back into space
d) It loses energy traveling through space

Air moving from the poles toward the equator usually turns west. the primary cause of this global deflection is...
a) the rotation of the planet
b) changes in the magnetic field
c) larger cities followed by farmland
d) the size and shape of the land mass

What is the major energy source that drives the water cycle?
a) the sun
b) the magma
c) the Earth\'s core
d) the winds

What is the primary driving force for surface ocean currents?
a) global WINDS
b) salt concentration
c) water temperature differences
d) density layering

When the Earth\'s axis is tilted so that the South Pole and Antarctica are facing the sun, what season is it in Atlanta and the rest of North America experiencing?
a) winter
b) fall
c) summer
d) spring

Which of the following natural occurrences would be most likely to have an impact on our global CLIMATE?
a) a volcanic eruption
b) a tornado
c) a tsunami
d) an earthquake

The relationship between a CITY and a STATE is most SIMILAR to the relationship between a star and what other item?
a) a solar system
b) a galaxyIn
c) a universe
d) a cluster

In the Atlanta area, what is the primary factor that affects the temperature of precipitation so that rain usually falls during spring, summer, and fall but snow may fall in winter
a) change in the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the ground
b) changes in the direction of the wind
c) changes in the rates of evaporation
d) changes in the rotation of the Earth

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