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Why are there two different CPT codes for circumcision?
a) There aren't
b) There are different techniquies
c) There is a code for both males and females
d) They are based on age, and technique

What is cystoscopy?
a) An endoscope used to visualize the prostate, urethra and bladder.
b) A surgery that removes cysts by use of an endoscope
c) A zoom option added to a microscope to provide better sight.
d) An endoscope used to visualize the sigmoid and decending colon.

What is the difference between BPH and prostate cancer?
a) BPH is where Blood Pressure is High. Prostate cancer reduces a patients Blood Pressure
b) Benign Vs. Malignant growth around/in the prostate.
c) BPH is a cancer that affects males ages 15-40; prostate cancer affects males in their 50s and later.
d) None of the above

Which of the following is NOT a way that a prostatectomy can be done?
a) Open
b) Endoscopic
d) Perineoscopic

The _________ is the tube that empties from the ________ to the Urethra.
a) Ejaculatory Duct, Vas Defrens
b) Bulbourethral Glands, Scrotum
c) Spermatic Cord, Ejaculartory Duct
d) Seminal Vessels, Scrotum

What is the spounge-like material within the penis that fills with blood, causing an erection?
a) Bone Marrow
b) Corpus Cavernosum
c) Cardiac Muscle
d) Corpse Cavernic Muscle

A routine, newborn circumcision is done for cosmetic reasons. A gomco clamp is used after a dorsal penile block is done.
a) V40.2, 54150
b) V40.2, 54161
c) V50.2, 54161
d) V50.2, 54150

A 65 year old male is diagnosed with phimosis. He undergoes circumcision under general anesthesia.
a) 54161, V50.2
b) 54161, 605
c) 54150, 605
d) 54150, V50.2

A patient has multiple condyloma acuminate on his penis. He has these removed by laser vaporization.
a) 078.11, 54055
b) 078.10, 54055
c) 078.10, 54057
d) 078.11, 54057

A 40 year old patient is diagnosed with bilateral testicular carcinoma. He undergoes bilateral radical orchiectomy, using an inguinal approach.
a) 54530-50, 186.9
b) 54530 x2, 186.9
c) 54530-50, 186.8
d) 54530 x2, 186.8

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