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Which order must be followed from left to right if more than two operators are used in a formula?
a) Mathematical operators
b) Function
c) Order of calculation
d) Order of operation

Which symbol must be keyed in first to signify that a formula is being typed into an active cell?
a) = (equal sign)
b) ? (question mark)
c) & (ampersand)
d) % (percent sign)

Which window displays information about an active cell and allows formulas to be edited?
a) status bar
b) title bar
c) formula bar
d) name box

Which command on the Insert Ribbon enables a user to insert a picture of a part of a screen into a worksheet?
a) Shapes
b) Picture Cropping
c) Screen Clipping
d) Screenshot

What appears at the bottom of an Excel 2010 workbook to distinguish individual worksheets?
a) Worksheet links
b) Worksheet handles
c) Sheet tabs
d) Sheet buttons

What feature of Excel 2010 keeps a portion of a worksheet visible while the other portion scrolls?
a) Zoom
b) Select
c) Freeze Panes
d) Rotate

What will allow a window to be frozen and edits to be made with other windows are open?
a) Restrict panes
b) Freeze panes
c) Stop window
d) Control panes

Which feature in Microsoft Excel 2010 allows a user to place a restriction on and temporarily isolate specific data in a worksheet?
a) Filter & Organize
b) Search
c) Sort & Filter
d) Organize

What command do you use to increase or decrease the size of a selected cell or range of cells to fill the Excel Window area for better visibility?
a) Magnify Area
b) Enlarge Selected Area
c) Amplify Range
d) Zoom to Selection

Which command on the Page Layout Ribbon enables a user to specify the rows or columns to repeat on each printed page of the worksheet?
a) Print Area
b) Margins
c) Orientation
d) Print Titles

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